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This very much depends on what region you choose to marry. For example, Provence, the French Riviera and Paris are the most exclusive wedding regions in France and thus start at a higher price point than say Burgundy or Normandy. Depending on the size of your wedding, Jennifer Fox Weddings works with wedding budgets that start at 2,000 Euros per person.

How much does it cost to have a wedding in France?


To legally marry in France, you or your partner are required to reside in France for at least 30 consecutive days prior to the wedding day. Since most of our couples live outside of the county, they typically have a civil ceremony in their home country and celebrate their wedding in France with a symbolic ceremony.

Can I legally get married in France?


Jennifer Fox Weddings produces approximately 8 weddings per year. Greatly preferring quality over quantity, this allows us to fully focus on each and every detail of your special celebration!

How many weddings a year do you produce?


Typically, Jennifer Fox Weddings begins the planning process approximately 18 months before the big day. That being said, if you are eager to get a bit of an early start or you prefer to begin planning closer to the big day, that works for us as well!

When would we start planning my wedding?


Jennifer Fox Weddings provides only Full Wedding Planning and Design services. Being by your side from the very beginning of the planning process allows us to have full knowledge of your each and every detail, thus ensuring a smooth and stress free wedding experience for you and your guests!

Do you provide partial planning or month of  services?


We provide custom-tailored services; therefore our fees are customized for your particular wedding planning & design needs. We will be happy to provide you with a personalized proposal once we've consulted with you about your plans and details!

What is your rate? 


Yes! In addition to planning and design, Jennifer and her team will be on site throughout your wedding celebration to produce each and every special moment!

Is Jennifer Fox guaranteed to be there on the day?


France is such a special country that checks all of the boxes in regards to elegant landscapes. Depending on your wedding aesthetic, there are mountains, beaches, vineyards, lavender fields, apple orchards and of course iconic landmarks. Each region offers something special!

What’s the best region in France to get married?


Each wedding is different and has its own specific needs. Depending on the size and scope of your wedding, a team of 3 planners minimum will be present to assist throughout your celebration.

How big of a team do you work with?


Absolutely! Most of our couples visit their chosen wedding venue before their wedding day. As part of our service, we will be happy to accompany and guide you through your venue visit, menu tasting, cake tasting and even beauty trial! 

Will you accompany us on venue visit before the wedding day?







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